A Classical Education for Modern Times

A k-5 tuition-free school is coming to your county!

What to Expect in American Classical Education Schools 

American Classical Education believes the timeless and rigorous model of classical education should be available to all students who desire it. Our schools train students in virtue, resulting in high academic achievement and the sound moral formation required for responsible citizenship. Utilizing classical methods, rooted in our Western and American heritage, our curriculum inspires joy and wonder to cultivate a habit of life-long learning.

All students study literature and mathematics, history and the sciences, the fine arts, Latin, and physical education because the K-12 years are the years in which we are still coming to know ourselves and the world around us. The successful development of literacy and numeracy and a solid foundation in the core subjects is necessary before advanced training and study.

Young students in arms, joined togetherYoung student at desk writingA mother preparing her child for schoolStudents listening to their teacher in class

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